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Welcome to Memoş Tantuni Human Resources page.

The basic values that best reflect Memoş Tantuni are development, technology, respect for ethical and social values, environment and social responsibility awareness.
In line with our corporate vision and values, our goal as Human Resources is to create a trustworthy work environment and corporate culture.

One of our basic principles is to make quality human resources, which have the necessary competence, are highly motivated, take responsibility, and make maximum contribution to Memoş Tantuni with their successful individual and team performances, the most important capital of Memoş Tantuni.


- To develop modern, participatory human resources policies and programmes that will support our development and growth target
- To ensure the recruitment of competent and result-oriented human resources in line with the determined targets and strategies
- Developing our corporate culture in line with our changing needs and preparing our employees who grow up in this culture and specialise in their careers for managerial positions
- To create an effective and motivated organisation by ensuring employee satisfaction through pro-active human resources practices
- To provide the necessary training and development support to increase the performance of employees in line with corporate strategy, business objectives and mission


Our labour needs are determined and met in line with company and business targets.

During the recruitment process, the candidate's education level, openness to innovation and change, commitment to ethical principles, compliance with the qualifications and expectations of the position and sector conditions are taken into consideration. In line with the position requirements, experienced and/or inexperienced internal and external purchases are made.

Candidates who wish to apply for our current open positions or to make a general application should send their CVs to info@memostantuni.com to the address below.
All applications made are kept confidential and all interviewed candidates are given positive / negative feedback in parallel with the completion of the recruitment process.