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What are the Priority Goals for Opening a New Business?

Neighbourhoods with socio-economic level groups A, B and C,
Popular shopping centres,
Plaza and business centre areas,
Holiday destinations,
Places with takeaway facilities,
And in fact everywhere there is movement, crowds and consumption.

Memoş Tantuni Marketing and Communication Plan

Carrying out activities using visuals in shops and shopping centres.
Taking part in competitions and parties held in important shopping centres.
To take part in strong local magazines and national gourmet magazines and activities.
Making special organisations for openings.
To take place in the media with Memoş Tantuni news with respected faces in the magazine press and sportsmen, gourmets, bloggers and businessmen who are recognised in the society.
To ensure recognition and brand trust by obtaining press outlets with news interviews in sector magazines, gourmet magazines, women's magazines and economy magazines, economy pages of newspapers by making special product and opening news.
To take an active and assertive place in social media and increase the number of followers.
To increase brand awareness and facilitate accessibility with the internet page. To provide instant and accurate information to the customer base from current developments.
Participating in relevant sectoral fairs.