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What is Tantuni ?

Tantuni is a type of wrap special to Mersin.

The tantuni consumed today is made with two kinds of meat. The wrap containing only meat is called steak and the wrap containing both meat and tail fat is called tantuni. These different features are important when ordering a meal in tantunis.

According to one opinion, "tantuni", which is claimed to originate from Turkmen and nomadic traditions, is a type of wrap identified with Mersin province and widespread throughout the country. It is made with different methods in Antakya and Mersin.


Boil the meat cut into very small cubes. Heat the hot plate and add oil and chilli powder. Cook the previously boiled meat in this oil. During cooking, water is added to the pan from time to time. The purpose is both to control the temperature of the sheet and to provide steam to soften the bread in which the tantuni will be wrapped.

The cooked meat is served with onion piyaz with sumac and parsley, tomatoes and various spices in between bread or wraps. Generally used varieties are loaf, open bread and wraps. It is served with lemon and chilli pickle.

Tantuni varies a lot from master to master. The spices and herbs added to the tantuni, the layering of the ingredients in the wrap or loaf, the steam and oil ratio, the cooking time, the other ingredients added to the sauce besides chilli powder are just a few of these changes.