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Why Become Memoş Tantuni Investor?

For more than 50 years, Memoş Tantuni, a tantuni legend, is a partnership between brothers Mehmet and Cengiz Yelkenaç and former national basketball player Ömer Onan.

54 years of experience is the guarantee of quality and brand strength.

Proven operating system in place to reduce investment risk

It is managed by experienced staff.

It offers delicious and high quality products suitable for Turkish palate with fast-food logic.

Leaves a high and satisfying profit margin.

It ensures that your investment returns in the optimum time.

It is opened with less staff and cost compared to similar businesses.

If necessary, personnel are available and training support is also provided.

It provides international investment opportunities with its delicious and high quality products.


Population density and demographic characteristics of the region

Regional income and social structure

Vehicle traffic and car parking

Intensity and quality of pedestrian traffic

Suitability for takeaway



Seasonal Factors